Yoga & Trail Running

Yoga with Tarynn 

Tarynn's Yoga sessions clear your mind, strengthen your body, and bring mindfulness and ease to your everyday movements and posture. 

Tarynn has taught Yoga since 2002. Once she found this path, it has taken her around the world teaching and learning, and through various styles of yoga from Bikram's series to Yin and Ashtanga Yoga. Her greatest awakenings through Yoga have been with the school she learned and taught with in Paris, Surya Yoga, in 2006. Surya is a school and organization that teaches one to integrate the several forms of Yoga, from Hatha to Seva, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga in order to come in to balance and find oneness with the natural Self. Tarynn's classes are Hatha Yoga - physical Asana (posture) practice based on Ashtanga - but an introduction to the various ways of Yoga, through Seva (selfless service), Bhakti (devotion) and Ayurveda (Yogic nutritional wisdom with plants) are discussed during class and suggested in building an integrated and healthy life. 

Find Tarynn's local Tuesday Morning and Thursday evening Lake Country classes on the Calendar with location details. They will commence late May, once the weather is consistently warm for outdoor classes, where she loves to be, and to bring others to commune with Mother Nature :)

$12 suggested class entry fee - proceeds will go toward renting a space for winter classes! Bring cash for the Honour Jar :) 



Tarynn Liv Parker Yoga - Rajakapotasana


Trail Running with Matthew

What an incredible winter season! But we are ready to put away the nordic gear. We are just getting our Spring running adventures and events planned. Check out the Calendar of Events and Workshops page for running events and workshops soon. Matthew has a Spring plan underway for a *Fatass style run in the Okanagan. In the meantime, check out the Vernon Trail Run page! Matthew has signed up for (what seems to be turning into an annual goal) his 100 mile race this July, so he's going to have a great many training days to get out there with you all!


Matthew Fortuna Nordic Ski