Launch April 2018!

A Flour Arrangement

Cabin Atelier is your weekly fresh organic bread and pasta delivery service. We source organic grain and flours of non-GMO heritage varieties and arrange them into delicious wholesome packages, by loaf and noodle. Place your order online for guaranteed fulfillment and market pick-up, or find us at the Kelowna Farmers' Market Saturdays to sample what's fresh from the oven and pasta roller. Please visit our Custom Orders page for info on special orders for your event or family pantry. We Workshop and Pop-Up too. Tarynn workshops Food Photography, bread and pasta. Matthew workshops Trail Running, bread and pasta. Find our adventures on the Calendar and in the Journal.

Cabin Life - Simple Living, Higher Thinking.

Slow Food

What comes easy, isn't usually worth it

Slow Food

Take time to meditate on what nourishes you


what grows together, goes together

Seasonal Eating

It isn't a limitation, it is a way to define and celebrate your food

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